Sunday, 3 June 2012

One year ago...

One year ago today I had my life changing and body changing experience. Can’t believe how time has flown.

I have had my one year check up and all is good. I'm back to normal life, nice pink colour in the eyes not that pale white anymore, no pain and no excessive tiredness. Doc was so happy at my check-up!
I have a keloid scar, there is a bit tissue scaring too and I’m still a tiny bit sensitive in the tummy area but other than that there are no complains, just glad it is over and that I can have a normal life now.

I don’t jump, skip and dance when I walk pass that special isle in the store (everyone said I would do that) BUT that is because I never go there; I avoid that area completely and besides I can’t dance too well, it would just look really weird. Yeah! 
Strange thing is that I just had another ‘old’ birthday, have no uterus and despite all this I still want a baby girl. I still get broody, shame, I feel so sorry for myself.

So if you know anyone out there that has a baby girl lying around that they don’t want or need....send me a message I’ll be glad to fetch her.

-- this post is all pink in dedication to the baby girl  :D 


  1. You can borrow mine from time to time once she arrives :-)