Friday, 24 June 2011

Movie Review

Hello It's me again...

So it’s been 3 weeks at home and I have read two books started another but I’m bored...
I have watched lots of movies, DSTV should change their name to Repeat TV or re runs.

Here is my list so far - 
Labour Pains – with J Lo and I like most of the movies she’s in.  It’s a must see, very funny
She’s out of my league – so so, mostly boring, laughed once
My dad’s six wives –  quite funny
Charlie St. Cloud – sad, strange, weird, surprised I watched it till the end
Toy Story 3 – ah it’s ok
Dear John – yip its one of those army movies and he gets a dear John letter, if you have nothing else to do suppose you can watch it
Shanghai Knights – its fumy except I hate Owen Wilson’s nose and weird lips. Wish someone would smash his pretty face. Grrr
The proposal – with Sandra Bullock love all the movies she’s in and this was hilarious
Under the Tuscan Sun – ok, nice 

So this is what you do lying in bed or sitting on the sofa for three weeks.  Never mind all the cooking programmes and repeat Idols and CSI.  My eyes are squared and I have porridge brains!
Was at the doctor this morning for my check up everything is fine, he’s happy I’m sort of happy.  Still sore but it’s easier to move around.  Have gone from one H to another H (can’t tell you anymore it’s too gross)

That’s it for today cooking up a storm for Sabbath


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's my first!

Well there's always a first time for everything!!

So what if I’m bad! Right?

Nah I don’t want this to be boring I want it to be informative to you, and my family far away from me.  If you don’t blog you are boring, that’s what everyone says. You need to keep up with the times stay hip. Modernise.   ;)
I’m trying, I’m at home and this can sort of be a recovery journal.  Want to know how I’m doing after my big life changing op? I have six weeks to talk to you about my swell belly and all the other horrible things that go with a hysterectomy.

Just by the way I’m in week 3 of my recovery and I’m climbing the walls with boredom.  It’s 23h00 and its way past my bedtime.  Let me see if this works and if I’m up to it tomorrow.

Cheers for now