Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sloppy but not cute

When we were kids my sister had a t-shirt that we bought in Durban. They used have these great shops that had loads and loads of pictures and sayings; you could pick your favorite and they would 'print' it on the t-shirt with your name on it. In those days having your name on your t-shirt was cool. We spent hours deciding on the t-shirt. I can't for the life of me remember what my one had but my sisters one said 'sloppy but cute' and had a picture of these dirty little piglets all muddy faces. It suited her, she was the one that was always messy, untidy side of the room, crazy school bag, always falling...well it just suited her. Sloppy but cute!

We all have moments of untidiness in our lives, house or work desk, but at some stage we need to clear the mess and put some order to the disorder.
I'm the unlucky one that works with some sloppy and definitely not cute people. Everyone has a desk, chair and bin, it's standard in the office we all get it. What I don't understand is why some people insist on leaving crap all over the floor! The bin is right there next to your desk. Put the crap in the bin.
And here's another bright idea don't put it near my desk. I hate that!

You can't always live with clutter and jumble and if you can't get to it today or this week then pack it in a nice neat pile in the corner somewhere. Clutter can be filled, I know it can. I have my own clutter corner in the office and at home in each room *embarrising* but it's sort of out of the way and out of sight and looks neat.

That's another thing that wombat does, what ever is unwanted finds it's way into my garage or my sapre room. Another sloppy but not cute person. What is it with people and their own crap, throw it out in the bin, get rid of it don't slowly push it to my garage or near my desk because one day, one day, I am going to loose it and it aint gonna be cute!

Please use the bin piglet you are SO not cute!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Crazy Craving

I call it a crazy craving, there is no other explanation for the last two days. At the beginning of 2012 I said that this year would be the year for me to go on a 'raw vegan diet'. I have done some research and reading and I found someone that does training / teaching on being raw. I attended two sessions on raw cooking. Very interesting!

Raw Vegans - start the day with green juices, eat loads of sprouts and all the vegetables are raw. Some of their food is dehydrated but mostly raw. The lady that does the training is 90% raw. It's about eating live foods, super foods and nothing else.

I learned a lot, really it was very interesting and it was good to see how some people live and eat. Being vegetarian does not mean you are doing everything the right way and that you have the answer on being healthy. You can be vegetarian and still be quite un healthy, which is sad. I don't think I am that bad, but I certainly need to do a lot more to live a healthier lifestyle. Slowly, slowly, one day at a time.

These raw people are a bit strange, healthy but strange, as much I enjoyed the workshops and the tasting and both lunches, your jaw gets tired of all the chewing, tasting the sweet raw vegan treats was the best part! But both days I arrived home with a headache, all that tasting and shots of green juice, all the chewing was too much for me it seems. Maybe it was all the new strong flavors, spices are stronger on raw food. Lunch was rather late past 14h30 .... and I arrived home to ruin the day with some medication for my migraine. The days in-between were spent reading about becoming raw and looking at green juice recipes, that alone is enough for another headache. I also avoided eating pasta, rice, bread and potatoes during that time. Bread did not work, I ate it! Oh yes and the small craving for a piece of chocolate or whole slab was avoided.

Guess what was the outcome?

Crazy Craving. After being vegetarian for almost five years I had this incredibly mad urge to eat what I think is one of the most unhealthy of all things. Cold meats. You know the alternative for those that don't eat pork or ham, I had this unexplained need for slices of shaved chicken. Was standing at woolies and found my hands shaking like a recovering alcoholic staring at the package on the shelve. It was terrible to have to shake that feeling away.

So I have decided that this raw thing will be just an alternative for once in a while, maybe one day a week. It's not for me I can't do it and my family will not eat any of that food for sure. That lifestyle is not for me, it's not just about the cold meat crazy craving it's everything....

I need to stay away from those raw people for a while. Go back to being a normal vegetarian, not that I ever left it, but my mind was so busy thinking about it that it felt like I had left it. I will take it one day at a time. Slowly, slowly improving .... and I will avoid the fridge section at woolies for now.

Tonight I'm rewarding myself with a small piece of my favorite chocolate, I am not vegan and certainly not raw, no guilty feelings :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

God as Artist

Don't ever waist a good lesson....

Last Sabbath the SS lesson study was about my favorite subject ART.  So not to waste my notes or thoughts and not to forget the beauty of it all it's going in my blog.

God as Artist
Artistic creation is God's nature. Creating the world and heavens was an act of absolute creative intelligent design:
  • pre-planned
  • loving
  • timed to perfection
Every color, shape and form was thought through with the finesse of an artist or sculptor. Landscapes, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, different climates, ground covers, soils, and huge amount of plants and the way it all comes together...can you even begin to imagine how big a project that was? A huge landscape project, that is completely self sustained!  

The Potter
Unity. Clay is workable when wet, more fixed when dry, it won't stick together without water (the soft binding agent). The potter works for hours to form one perfect piece. We are the clay He is the potter and we need to let God work in our hearts.

The Architect
It's about details, being a designer. God's delight in beauty. He could have made black and white or one tree. Birds didn't have to sing and butterflies didn't have to be pretty to do their job. But everything in nature was designed and planned. Extensive attention to detail was given to every little thing in the sanctuary. The artistry and skill He used within His children was astounding.

The Musician
Focus on Him. Poetry. Inspired! 

The Author
A wise friend once told me, if you want to read a good love story - pick up your bible. If you like mysteries - pick up your bible. If a murder story is your thing - pick up your bible. It can never be pondered too much, the more you read it the more precious it becomes and the better it tastes.

The Sculptor
Life changing, filling, chiseling, shaping and polishing the work of a sculptor. It's about repentance, cleansing and seeking a clean heart.

"Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand". Isaiah 64:8

"God is love" is written upon every opening bud, upon every spire of springing grass. The lovely birds making the air vocal with their happy songs, the delicately tinted flowers in their perfection perfuming the air, the lofty trees of the forest with their rich foliage of living green -- all testify to the tender, fatherly care of our God and to His desire to make His children happy. SC pg 10 

How beautiful is that? I love it.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Missing you

Got this from my boy few days ago.
I thought things were ok, and it was easier than I had imagined it.....until last night.  Then I realised things are not ok. 

I miss him like crazy :(

I cried ;(

Friday, 9 March 2012

I did it!

My beautiful friend Odi
Guess what it did rain, we had a good storm, just that it was the wrong time of the afternoon. So I had no choice or excuse and went to JP Morgan. I made it to the race. This is actually my 3rd time so I don't know why I was being such a big sissy about it.
You could run or walk. No pressure, no one checking my time or speed or heart rate or PB or whatever it is they do.
 I had company for the first km (those 3 chicks were mad looking for gaps and taking them) and then I told them to go and leave me. So I walked briskly on my own for the rest of the way.
It felt like punishment. I took it like a woman. I deserved to be punished.

Other than that - - 
We had good laughs and lots of girly giggles before the race started
It was a beautiful cool evening after the storm, we are still celebrating summer
We had some cheer leaders along the way, nice friendly neighbours 
I witnessed Roderick ask the water guy if he had ice cream LOL, but I screatly wanted one too
Walking under the huge old jacaranda favourite smell, the best perfume!
Most awesome full moon smiling down at me
Much deserved warm bubble bath when I got home :)

I did it!  5.6km in 01h17  Yeah!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

To walk or not to walk?

I found this the other day - Top 10 excuses not to run – it was quite by accident. See I registered for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, and the damn day has arrived! It’s today!
So all the marketing peeps or most of them anyway are doing it together. We have a ‘cheer leader’ who sends out tips for running and eating healthy .... and I read them with undivided attention, in case she wants to test me or something .... she hasn’t yet.

I’m not a runner or a walker, but I’d like to be walker, and these Top 10 excuses which accidently appeared on my screen -
(I think it was BO that planted them on my laptop) Hey maybe that is why it crashed!
Ok back to my original though, I have used these excuses for not walking or doing any type of exercise so many times that I’m yawning as I read them zzzzz

  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too tired
  • I get bored easily
  • I’m just not motivated enough
  • It’s too cold, it’s too hot
  • I’m too busy with my family – kids, hubby, cooking…
  • I’m too self conscious
  • I don’t have anyone to do it with
  • I don’t see results
  • I hate it, where’s the fun?

Like I said the day has arrived, I have the t-shirt and number and I’m still thinking of some excuse to give the ‘cheer leader’
I will let you know tomorrow if I did it or not. But I secretly prayed for a huge storm around 16h00 would be a good time. Sorry.

I'm sure you can see I'm also so lazy ...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Have you ever?!

Have you ever laughed, cried and peed all at the same time?! (ok maybe if you old you do the last one).....

I got this the other day from my cousin - sorry cous for giving you away, I can't have people think that I do this madness thing all on my own.
It had me in stitches laughing for ages, and crying, yeah I think I peed too...I just couldn't stop laughing!!
It's Monday Madness on a Tuesday .... LOL!

I'm still laughing, feel evil actually, but still laughing! 
Have a great day friends   :D